Kannada Literature Books For UPSC

Kannada is a language widely spoken in the state of Karnataka. It is also used in parts of Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Kerala and Goa. UPSC aspirants who have a good knowledge of Kannada can choose this as their optional subject for the IAS Exam. One does not have to be literature graduate in the language to be able to cover the UPSC Kannada literature syllabus.

With proper strategy and dedicated effort, it is easier to get a good score in the literature optional subjects in UPSC Mains. The effort takes to complete the syllabus and revise is also much lesser as compared to the other optional subjects.

In this article, we will list some important Kannada literature books for UPSC civil services examination.

UPSC Kannada Literature Books

Similar to other optional subjects, Kannada Literature optional subject also has two papers- Paper I and Paper II. If the aspirants are not graduates of Kannada literature, it is recommended to join coaching. But it is not mandatory. In the end, aspirants’ confidence and efforts matter.

To cover UPSC Kannada Literature Syllabus, IAS aspirants should read the following Kannada literature books for IAS to prepare for the Mains exam:

UPSC Kannada Literature Books for Optional Paper-I:

  • Linguistic History of Kannada Language-M.H. Krishnaiah
  • Kannada Bhasha Shastra- R.Y. Dharwadkar
  • Kannada Sahitya Charitre- R.S. Mugali

If IAS aspirants are targeting UPSC 2021, they may check the linked article to align their IAS preparation as per the set exam pattern and more.

UPSC Kannada Literature Books for Optional Paper-II:

  • Bettada Jeeva-Shivarama Karanth
  • Madhavi-Arupama Niranjana
  • Odalaala-Devanuru Mahadeva
  • Devaru- A.N. Moorty Rao
  • Janapada Swaroopa-Dr. H.M. Nayak.
  • Janapriya Kanakasamputa-D.G Javare Gowda
  • Kannada Janapada Kathegalu-J.S. Paramashivaiah
  • Kannada Sanna Kathegalu-G.H. Nayak
  • Kumaravyasa Bharata-Kumaravyasa
  • Nambiyannana Raagale-T.N. Sreekantaiah
  • Pampana Samastha Bharata Kathamrita-L. Basavaraju
  • Shudra Tapaswi-Kuvempu
  • Tughlaq-Girish Karnad.
  • Vachana Kammata-K. Marulasiddappa K.R. Nagaraj
  • Vikramarjuna Vijaya of Pampa

Candidates can also write the Mains IAS exam in the Kannada language if they are proficient. IAS aspirants should check out IAS Kannada Question papers for the optionals as a large part of the static concepts get repeated every few years.

UPSC Kannada Optional Booklist:- Download PDF Here

UPSC Kannada Literature Optional- Tips & Strategies

A few thumb rules while preparing for Kannada literature optional are:

  • Develop a taste for classics in Kannada literature, this would enable you to enjoy the preparation process.
  • Solve at least the last 5 years Kannada optional papers as up to 50% of the concepts get recycled in successive exams.
  • Download and read the UPSC Kannada literature syllabus periodically.
  • Develop a habit of taking an analytical view of the books you read for this subject, as the most scoring portions of both papers focus on the analysis of various works.
  • Always write your own Kannada literature notes for IAS and use them for revision. It would be useful to compare them with UPSC topper’s notes to check if any important topic has been missed.

You could download IAS study material and read about preparation strategy by checking out:

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