UPSC Malayalam Literature Syllabus

Malayalam is a language of the Dravidian family. It is used in Kerala, parts of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. It is also used in the Lakshadweep islands and Mahe, which is an administrative part of the Union Territory of Pondicherry. Malayalam literature is a part of the optional subject list of the UPSC for Mains examination. In this article, we bring you the syllabus of UPSC for Malayalam literature optional and the download link for the same.

UPSC Malayalam Literature Syllabus PDF:-Download Syllabus PDF

Malayalam has a long history and the earliest recorded literary work available in Malayalam is dated to 1198 AD. The IAS syllabus on the subject includes the history and development of the language, standardisation of grammar and its linguistic features. It also includes the ancient and medieval history of the literature, important works from all time periods, including the modern era and various forms like prose, poetry and essays, etc.

Malayalam Optional Syllabus

Optional papers are worth 500 marks with two papers allotted 250 marks each.

Malayalam Optional Paper I Syllabus:

Malayalam Optional Paper II Syllabus:

Malayalam literature study material for UPSC is available from various sources in South India as well as online. Candidates should read all the texts mentioned in the syllabus and understand the history, grammar and literary evolution of the language to be successful in the IAS exam.

UPSC Malayalam Literature Syllabus PDF:-Download Syllabus PDF

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