List of Government and Official Websites for UPSC Preparation [Infographics]

List of Government and Official Websites for UPSC Preparation – The UPSC Examination Preparation requires a candidate to be up to date with the Current Affairs. The importance of Current Affairs in IAS Exam Preparation is very evident from the number of questions being asked in the Prelims as well as the Mains exam from the Current Affairs.

In this scenario, many aspirants might be confused as to which are the sources to be referred to cover the current affairs for the UPSC Exam preparation. As cliched as it may seem, the Newspaper is the Bible for UPSC exam preparation. Apart from following a newspaper of choice on a regular basis, the aspirants need to go through the official websites of various ministries and the government websites to keep themselves updated with the new developments in the country relevant to the UPSC Examination. The advantage of gathering UPSC Exam related information from the Government and official websites is that the information will be up to date and authentic. The aspirant can eliminate the time spent on verifying the information. additionally, quoting such data along with the source in the mains answers will give more weightage to the answers and will help the candidates earn some brownie points for each answer. It makes the answer stand out from the rest of the answers that are generic and lack data.  
This article is an attempt to compile and give a list of websites specific to each of the  General Studies Paper that an aspirant needs follow. Here is a list of Government websites and official websites of different ministries that the aspirant needs to go through on a regular basis. 

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