Important Books for Maithili Literature Optional for UPSC IAS Mains

The UPSC Civil Services Exam is conducted in three stages- Prelims, Mains and Interview. Aspirants need to choose one optional subject for UPSC mains exam. It plays a significant role in deciding aspirants ranking in IAS Exam. Recent trends show that the success rate of Literature subjects is soaring with years.

Maithili is one of the 22 official languages of India included in the eighth schedule of the Constitution of India. Maithili literature has a rich and long history. It is used in parts of northern Bihar, eastern Uttar Pradesh as well as some districts of West Bengal and Assam. It is also spoken in Nepal. UPSC Mains includes Maithili literature as one of the optional subjects.

This article suggests relevant booklist for UPSC Maithili Literature subject.

UPSC Maithili Literature Optional Books

This optional subject has carefully outlined syllabus and if IAS aspirants have great clout in framing the Maithili dialect, then they can pick this as their optional subject in civil services examination.

Aspirants should analyze UPSC Maithili Literature Syllabus for IAS Mains. The optional subject has two parts- Paper-I and Paper-II.

IAS Maithili Literature Optional Booklist for Paper I & II

The suggested readings for Maithili Literature optional paper I & II are given in the table below:

Maithili Literature Booklist for IAS Mains

Maithili Sahityak Itihas – Dr. Durganath Jha “Shreesh”, Jaykant Mishra, Dr. Dinesh Kumar Jha
Maithili Patrakaritak Itihas – Chandranath Mishra Amar
Tirhuta Lipik Vikas – Dr. Rajeshwar Jha
Maithili Kathak Vikas – Sahitya Academy, New Delhi
Maithili Padyak Vikas – Sahitya Academy, New Delhi
Maithili Gadyak Vikas – Sahitya Academy, New Delhi

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UPSC Maithili Optional Success Rate

Maithili Literature saw a success rate of 12.3% in the 2015 IAS exam. Out of a total of 106 candidates who opted for it, 13 of them cleared the exam with Maithili optional. The same year in 2015, Rishav Kumar Jha secured an all India rank of 162 with this optional subject.

Of late, regional languages have gained some prominence among IAS aspirants. Traditionally, languages like Hindi and Tamil always had some takers. But today, a few candidates are also going for not-so-popular languages like Maithili as their mains exam optional subject. In the 2015 UPSC civil services exam, a total of 18 candidates who had cleared the exam had Maithili Literature as their optional subject. Even some non-native speakers have taken up this language as their optional.

The reason for the growing popularity of regional languages could be relatively less syllabus. Also, the fact that knowledge of regional languages can be helpful in your tenure as IAS officers in a region is an added advantage. If you study hard and with dedication and interest, you will be able to score well, at least 240 out of 500. This would be sufficient to pull you through if you do well in your other papers as well.

UPSC Maithili Optional Booklist:- Download PDF Here

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