Details about Mission Sathyanishtha:

UPSC Exam Preparation: Topic of the Day – Mission Sathyanishtha

A programme on Ethics and Governance, a first of its kind event ever organized in India, by any government organization was organized by the Indian Railways in New Delhi. The issue of Ethics, Integrity, and probity in public life have been a matter of concern all over the government sector. Under the context, it is also extremely important that all railway servants adhere to impeccable conduct and integrity at all times. The same event saw the launch of “Mission Sathyanishtha” on ethics in public governance for its employees, by the Indian Railways.

  • Mission Satyanishtha aims at sensitizing all railway employees about the need to adhere to good ethics and to maintain high standards of integrity at work.
  • Various lectures and talks were organized all across Indian Railways for sensitizing the employees about the need to adhere to good work ethics and maintain high standards of integrity at work.
  • The mission was launched with a view that the people define an organization and an organization defines its people, hence, work culture has to be improved and transparency brought about.
  • The Minister of Finance in his speech mentioned that the lack of interest towards work in any system may also be termed as unethical practice amounting to corruption.
  • The event was webcast live to all Zonal, Divisional and Production Units from the National Rail Museum in Delhi.

Objectives of Mission Sathyanishtha:

  • To train every employee to understand the need and value of ethics in Personal and Public life.
  • To deal with ethical dilemmas in life and in Public Governance.
  • To help understand the policies of Indian Railways on ethics and integrity and the employee’s role in upholding the same.
  • To develop inner governance through tapping inner resources.

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