What is a Moraine and How is it formed?

Moraines are huge amounts of rock and dirt that have been pushed aside by the glaciers as it movies along, or it could even be huge debris of rock and dirt that has fallen onto the glacier surface. Moraines usually show up in areas that have glaciers. Glaciers are extremely large moving rivers of ice.

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What are the Different Types of Moraines?

Moraines are categorized into 4 different types.

  1. Lateral Moraines
  2. Medial Moraines
  3. Suptglacial Moraines
  4. Terminal Moraines

What is an end Moraine and how is it Important?

The terminal moraine is called an end moraine. Scientists study terminal moraine or the end moraine to understand how quickly the glaciers flowed and where the glaciers flowed.

What are the 2 Types of Glacial Drift?

There are 2 types of glacial drift.

  1. Till – It is a sediment that is unsorted. This is directly deposited by the ice.
  2. Stratified Drift – It is a sediment that is well sorted. This sediment is laid down by glacial meltwater.

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