Gist of EPW – Economic and Political Weekly

Gist of Economic and Political Weekly

Hey everyone, we have launched Eonomic and Political Weekly – EPW Gist feature that will present the most important EPW articles relevant for your preparation. We will also release video discussion on all the Big Issues. Never miss out on an important discussion at the iconic EPW from now on! Brief summaries and important points from the articles will be provided here, but please note that depending on your interest and optional, you should selectively read up some of the original articles too. This feature is aimed to give you an understanding of in-depth debates and to expand your perspectives on some of the key issues of national importance. The summary will be released fortnightly and will cover two EPW editions. Any suggestions on improving the format or content will be welcomed. If any of you would like to summarize articles in more detail, please do so and send them to us. The best essays will be published along with the respective Gist of EPW articles. To know more about Economic and Political Weekly (EPW), click the links below and get reading – increase the depth of your preparation! Gist of EPW: Dec 2015 – Jan 2016 (Volumes 50 & 51) For Daily News & Analysis: Visit here Enroll for the Largest Test Series in India:

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