IAS Preparation: Online Newspapers Versus Print Newspapers

“The careful reader of a few good newspapers can learn more in a year than most scholars do in their great libraries.” – Franklin Benjamin Sanborn

If you are preparing for the IAS exam you would be aware of the indispensability of reading newspapers. They are essential for updating yourselves on current affairs and also to develop sound knowledge, writing and analytic skills.

So, it is important to know how to read newspapers for the IAS exam. In the early ’90s when the internet usage was in its infancy in India, online newspapers were perhaps not much in vogue among IAS aspirants. But today, the situation has changed with the internet becoming a source for not just newspapers but also a plethora of other information. This article attempts to see the pros and cons of online newspapers versus print versions.

Advantages of print newspapers:

  • Once you get a printed newspaper, you can save it for as long as you want. Online pages can be hidden away after a few days. You might not always be able to retrieve them.
  • Another advantage is that you don’t get pulled into the internet maze while reading print newspapers.

Disadvantages of print newspapers:

  • It is not free. Even though the price of a newspaper is relatively small, if you have access to free internet, you can get online versions of newspapers free of cost.

Advantages of online newspapers:

  • It is convenient. You can read online newspapers from a smartphone or tab even while travelling. Print newspapers can be cumbersome in such cases.
  • If you come across a term that you don’t understand, you can immediately look it up online. You can get links to many other useful pages with information.

Disadvantages of online newspapers:

  • Sometimes, all news included in the printed versions does not make it to their online counterparts.
  • Also, there is always a risk of wasting time online. You tend to click on unnecessary links.
  • Also, there are more ads in the online versions as compared to the printed newspapers. This can be a distraction.

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