Well Devised Strategy for Cracking UPSC Civil Services IAS Exam

To crack India’s toughest exam conducted by UPSC, aspirants requires a well-devised strategy. Aspirants should be accelerating their study mode as the exam dates are approaching. In such a situation, success mantras from successful candidates might encourage our aspirants to do better in the exams.

UPSC IAS ExamStay Focused

Our minds are finely attuned to distraction. If you stay focussed on your goal it will help you to accomplish your goal easily. Keep yourself organized and proactive.


UPSC IAS ExamMotivation

Motivation is the driving force behind every successful person. One should have a source of inspiration. The inspiration may differ from one person to another. It is important to keep you motivated. The aspirant can hang good positive quotes on their wall or something else that motivates you.

UPSC IAS ExamHealth

Health is the most important factor you keep you alive and energetic on the Exam day. If health is lost, everything is lost.If you fall ill on the day of Prelims or Mains exam or a day before, you one year UPSC preparation will go futile. So, it is important to keep your body healthy. During preparation, one should eat a healthy diet and protect yourself from diseases and infections at all times. Beware of dengue, malaria and even common cold as even a minute wasted in wiping your nose during the exam can change your future.

UPSC IAS ExamStudy Plan

Aspirants who lead an unorganized lifestyle need to change their habit as well as their lifestyle. They need a study plan for UPSC IAS Exam. The IAS Prelims and main examination generally held during the morning. So aspirants have to stay efficient between 8 am and 6 pm. Do yoga, jogging, and some physical activities to stay active.

UPSC IAS ExamShort Notes

Make short notes for every subject. This will help you in the last minute revision for IAS Prelims and Mains exam. So, whenever you make short notes, try to read, revise and analyze things from a wide perspective.

UPSC IAS ExamRevision

Nothing can substitute with revision. UPSC aspirants should do the revision on a daily basis. This will help you to retain the information and help while writing the examination.

UPSC IAS ExamStrategy for Qualifying

It is very important to qualify all paper, especially CSAT Paper in IAS Prelims and Language paper in IAS mains exam. If you are not proficient in your language and need to qualify in the paper, it crushes your dream of becoming an IAS officer. The same goes with other papers also. One has to score good mark to enter into the rank list. For this one has to read relevant books intensively. Solving the previous year question paper, taking mock test series and daily answer writing practice will help you to crack the IAS Prelims exam as well as Mains.

UPSC IAS ExamTime Management

Time consumed by different questions varies from nature and difficulty level of questions. Aspirants may able to answer some questions very easily where some other questions may consume more time. If you have to answer 25- 22 questions in 3 hours, then try to answer 8-9 questions per hour. Daily practice will enhance your speed. Candidate should try to accommodate their answer in the allotted space only.

UPSC IAS ExamAnswer Writing Tips

It is not easy to score well on Civil Services Mains exam. The quality of answers matters than the length of your answer. These days UPSC is asking lengthy and complex. These types of questions deviate the thought process of candidates. The candidates those who prepare for the exam in a good manner can answer this kind of questions. So, while answering read and understand the question thoroughly. A thorough reading will help you to write better answers.

UPSC IAS ExamTips to Fetch More Marks

There is no doubt, maps, diagrams, the flowchart will fetch you more marks. But aspirants they should draw the relevant diagrams wherever required and must be relevant to the question asked.

UPSC IAS ExamTips to Fetch More Marks

This is very important that do not discuss questions with your friends immediately after the UPSC IAS Prelims and Mains paper. It is better not to discuss any questions with other candidates or friends during the time allotted between two papers, especially for the IAS prelims exam. Sometimes it may de-motivate you if you realize others fared better than you. Comparing you with your friend right after the exam will put you in stress and depression. Aspirants should forget once they done the examination and should get ready for the next paper with full mind and confidence.

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