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22 December 2018: UPSC Exam PIB Summary & Analysis

Read the daily PIB update and stay up-to-date on current affairs for the UPSC exam

Information Fusion Centre (IFC)


  • The Navy will formally inaugurate the Information Fusion Centre (IFC) for the Indian Ocean Region (IOR).


  1. This center will provide information on “white shipping”, or commercial shipping, which will be exchanged with countries in the region to improve maritime domain awareness in the Indian Ocean.
    • White-shipping refers to commercial shipping information about movement of cargo ships.
  • The IFC has been established at the Navy’s Information Management and Analysis Centre (IMAC) in Gurugram, which is the single point centre linking all the coastal radar chains to generate a seamless real-time picture of the nearly 7,500-km coastline.
  • All countries that have signed white shipping information exchange agreements with India, about 21 of them, are IFC partners.


  • The IFC-IOR is established with the vision of strengthening maritime security in the region and beyond, by building a common coherent maritime situation picture and acting as a maritime information hub for the region
  • Establishment of the IFR-IRO would ensure that the entire region is benefited by mutual collaboration and exchange of information and understanding the concerns and threats which are prevalent in the region.
  • This will help in addressing issues related to Piracy by mutual coordination with other countries.
  • This will also help in tackling the growing influence of china in the region.

Trans Regional Maritime Network (T-RMN)

  • India has signed the ascension agreement to join the Trans Regional Maritime Network (T-RMN).
  • The pact will give India the access to information on ships which pass through the Indian Ocean region that will greatly help the security forces in keeping a tab on any suspicious activity.
  • The multilateral construct comprises of 30 countries and is steered by Italy.

 Unani Day 2019

The Central Council for Research in Unani Medicine (CCRUM), will launch a 50-day countdown for Unani Day 2019.


  • The birthday of great Unani researcher Hakim Ajmal Khan i.e. 11th February is celebrated as Unani Day. Hakim Ajmal Khan was eminent Indian Unani physician who was versatile genius, freedom fighter, educationist and founder of scientific research in Unani Medicine. This year it was 150th Birth Anniversary of Hakim Ajmal Khan.
  • Unani Medicine has been playing an important role in public health especially in combating NCDs, lifestyle disorders and various chronic diseases by providing cost effective Unani treatment and quality products for patient healthcare.
  • Unani system of medicine is the term for Perso-Arabic traditional medicine as practiced in Mughal India and in Muslim culture in South Asia and modern day Central Asia. It had originated in Greece.


Difference between Ayurveda ,Unani and Siddha:

Ayurveda:The doctrine of Ayurveda aims to keep structural and functional entities in a functional state of equilibrium, which signifies good health. Any imbalance due to internal and external factor causes disease and restoring equilibrium through various techniques, procedures, regimes, diet and medicine constitute treatment. The philosophy of Ayurveda is based on the theory of Pancha bhootas (five element theory) of which all the objects and living bodies are composed of.

Siddha:Siddha system of medicine emphasize that medical treatment is oriented not merely to disease, but also has to take into account the patient, environment, age, habits, physical condition. Siddha literature is in Tamil and it is largely practiced in Tamil speaking parts of India and abroad.

Unani: Unani System of medicine is based on established knowledge and practices relating to promotion of positive health and prevention of diseases. Although Unani system originated in Greece, passed through many countries, Arabs enriched it with their aptitude and experience and the system was brought to India during Medieval period. Unani System emphasize the use of naturally occurring, most herbal medicines, though it uses ingredients of animal and marine origin.


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