Series of Events Post UPSC Exam Result Declaration

What happens after IAS selection?

The 2020 UPSC civil services results will be out once the examination is complete. The 2020 Civil Services prelims will be held on October 4th and so the final UPSC exam results will be announced in 2021. Now, what happens after you find your name in the final rank list? Read on to know more.

Generally, the following things happen after the USPC final results are out:-

  1. The UPSC reveals the cut-off marks for the prelims, mains and the overall cut-off.
  2. After this, the detailed mark sheets of those who had taken the mains exam and cleared the qualifying papers of English and Indian language are declared.
  3. Then the prelims exam official answer keys are revealed.
  4. After this, service allocation is done by the Department of Personnel and Training for those whose names appeared on the merit list.
  5. Service allocation is done in about six weeks’ time since the DoPT does it in rounds. Service allocation is done as per the candidate’s rank, preference, category, vacancies available, etc. So, in the first round, all the candidates whose names were on the merit list are not allocated a service straightaway. Those who were not allocated will have a star alongside their name probably for reasons of unverified documents, medical check-up issues, etc. As these issues are resolved round by round, finally all the candidates are allocated a service.
  6. After this, the DoPT sends the candidate the official service allocation letter through post and email.
  7. Then, the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (LBSNAA) starts the registration process for its Foundation Course.
  8. Candidates who have earlier taken this Foundation Course can apply for exemption from attending this course. They have to send a letter to the DoPT asking for an exemption from the FC on the prescribed format.
  9. Candidates who will attend the FC will then receive the appointment letter within a few days. Others who are exempt from the FC will receive their appointment letters from the cadre controlling authorities.
  10. The FC starts in September generally. So, after the results are announced, candidates have time for about three months to relax.

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