Technology Full Forms

Technology is defined as the usage of scientific knowledge to the practical ends of human beings. Technology is the sum of the skills, techniques, processes and methods used in the service production and the achievement of goals such as scientific research.

Technology can be the awareness of techniques, processes or it can be incorporated in machines to enable activity without a strong understanding of their workings. Systems such as machines applying technology are referred to as technology systems or technical systems by taking an input, adjusting it according to the application of the system, and then generating a result. Computer technology is a type of technology that constructs a virtual or logical machine instead of creating a physical machine for each task.

Why Is Technology Important?

In every corner of the modern world, technology plays an important role. Technology allows the world to work more productively.

  • Education field – In the sector of education, technology plays an important role. For example, computers and iPads are part of education. Technology makes progress reports and testing papers more useful for teachers, thus reducing their working time.
  • Communication sector -There are many communications applications like skype, hangout and many can quickly develop a business-level communication. Those apps also act as a family bridge.
  • Security sector – There are many security tools and apps available to safeguard your financial records, protect your home and much more.
  • Space sector – Without technology, we wouldn’t have progressed so far in the space sector. NASA uses technology to identify new planets, to monitor space and more.

Some example of technology and computer full forms:

Abbreviations are most commonly used in the field of technology. Some examples include

  • CCTV – Closed Circuit Television
  • GPS – Global Positioning System
  • FTP – File Transfer Protocol
  • GPRS – General Packet Radio Service

Benefits Of Knowing Technology Full Forms

Many of the technologies are stated as abbreviations, so we need to know the full forms to have a better understanding of the technology.

The full form of PHP is Hypertext Preprocessor. It was abbreviated previously as Personal Home Page. It is a programming language widely used to...
The full form of CPU is Central Processing Unit. The CPU's known as the brain of a computer. It performs all the basic logical and arithmetic...
The full form of HTTP is the Hypertext Transfer Protocol. HTTP is an application protocol that usually contains a list of guidelines for...
The full form of MRI is Magnetic Resonance Imaging. MRI is also known as NMRI (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging) or MRT (Magnetic Resonance...
The full form of CCTV is Closed Circuit Television. CCTV often known as Video Surveillance. In this system the components like video camera,...
The full form of USB is Universal Serial Bus it is a common platform that allows communication between devices and a host controller such as a PC...
The full form of SIM is the Subscriber Identity Module or Subscriber Identification Module. SIM is a portable chip and built-in circuit that...