CPU Full Form

What is the full form of CPU?

The full form of CPU is Central Processing Unit. The CPU’s known as the brain of a computer. It performs all the basic logical and arithmetic operations activities. The term CPU is normally used to refer to a processor that consists of the arithmetical logical unit and control unit.



ALU – Arithmetic Logic Unit

CU – Control Unit

Various Types Of CPU

There are three main types of CPU

  1. Transistor CPUs
  2. Large-Scale Integration CPUs
  3. Small-Scale Integration CPUs

Different parts of the CPU

The three main parts of the CPU are:

Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU)

It is a significant part of the CPU. It is responsible for all numerical and logical functions.

Control Unit (CU)

CU is the main component of the CPU. It directs the operations of the processor.


It is a high-speed memory that is utilised to store data during processing.

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