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What is the full form of EEE?

The full form of EEE is Electrical and Electronics Engineering. EEE is an engineering discipline which deals with Electrical and Machine technology, Electrons, Circuit analysis, Electromagnetism, Instrumentations, Materials for electrical engineering, Control systems, transmission and distribution, Power engineering.

It is a four-year undergraduate course that covers electrical engineering and research in electronics. Therefore, it deals mainly with the requirements, opportunities and challenges of electrical, telecommunications, electronics systems and related sectors.

Eligibility criteria and admission procedure

  • Applicants qualifying for this course must have finished their 12th higher education with science as their crucial subject with a score of at least 50 per cent obtained in their examination.
  • The admission procedure is carried out, taking into account the student’s performance score in the respective studies.
  • Some universities carry out entrance tests and there will be a personal interview taken out by the institution that depends on the institutes in multiple ways.

Famous Institutions for EEE course

  1. Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati
  2. Delhi Technological University, Delhi
  3. Indian Institute of Technology, Varanasi
  4. Anna University, Chennai
  5. Indian Institute of Technology, Dhanbad
  6. National Institute of Technology, Mangalore
  7. National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirapalli
  8. National Institute of Technology, Warangal
  9. Indian Institute of Engineering, Howrah
  10. VIT University, Vellore

Responsibilities of EEE Engineers

  • An EEE engineer is expected to focus on research, design, development, and production of electronic and electrical equipment, mechatronics technology, and automation & control systems.
  • Electricity generation and transmission networks
  • Circuits designed for electric cars, electrical devices, robots, computers, etc.
  • To build and manage networks for telecommunications, internet and wireless networks.

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