DOTS Full Form

What is the full form of DOTS?

The full form of DOTS is Directly Observed Therapy. It is also known as TB – DOTS. It refers to a strategy aimed at curing and reducing the risk of TB (tuberculosis) cases. In this technique, a healthcare practitioner or other suitable representative provides the recommended TB medications to tuberculosis patients and ensures that the patient takes every dose. If the patient is left alone, they may fail to take any of the doses, which can spread drug-resistant tuberculosis.

Main actions of DOTS

  • Supplying the drug prescribed in the DOTS
  • Checking for medication-related side effects
  • To ensure that the patient swallows the drug,
  • Detailing the visit
  • Answering TB & DOTS relevant queries

Significance of DOTS

  • DOTS avoids the transition of TB to others.
  • DOTS reduces the probability of a treatment error.
  • DOTS allows patients to complete their treatment of tuberculosis as quickly and without interruption.
  • The probability of drug-resistance tuberculosis resulting from ineffective therapy is decreased.
  • Under DOTS, as reported, 85-90 per cent of tuberculosis patients administered their medications correctly, compared with 62 per cent of TB patients who were on self-administered therapy.
  • We can not be sure that the patient will take the drug as guided; individuals can fail or have difficulty appropriately taking pills. Through DOTS, this problem can be overcome.


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