MMS Full Form

What is the full form of MMS?

1) The full form of MMS is the Multimedia Messaging Service. MMs is a revised form of the Short Message Service protocol which includes multimedia messages. MMS enhances communication by using a standard quality approach for transmitting and receiving multimedia messages that contain images, texts, graphics, audio files, video clips etc.

MMS may only be used in electronic devices containing a specific service. and multimedia tools, including devices, are cell phones, laptops, personal computers, portable devices, etc. The GPRS and 3 G both the networks are especially suitable for use with MMS. GPRS operated MMS is slow in the functioning and takes a considerable amount of time on the other side 3 G operated MMS is fast in function and includes streaming video as well.


  • MMS was designed and developed initially as a confined technology. It makes the working of images, audio files and video clips quick and easy to share.
  • In the case of MMS at the beginning of a stated period of countries, the first and foremost active market for business purposes was in China.
  • There was a very rapid rise in the graph of MMS traffic in the USA around 2010 and 2013.


  • In a user’s message, MMS claims to support images, emotions, audio files, graphics, video clips while SMS supports text only.
  • MMS messaging not only allows a user to incorporate more styles and formats depending on how the user wants his text but also allows a remarkably long transaction of messages among multiple phones at the same time.
  • MMS content catches the attention of the recipient and a deliberate message is communicated or exchanged within an instant by the users. The video content grasps enormous power with the average transmitter and the receiver.


  • Due to the distinct features and configurations, the compatibility of MMS constructed by one product cell phone may not be with the other product cell phone.
  • A large amount of single-time MMS transactions can make the server for network data slower.
  • Some poorly configured devices may result in no appropriate transaction of multimedia messages. Sometimes the user never has configured the settings that also leads to problems of delivery.

2) The other full form of MMS is Microsoft Media Server . MMS is a service provider-streaming on-demand protocol developed explicitly for digital live media, executing unicast data transfer operations in Windows Media Networks. Microsoft refuses MMS in approval of RTSP(Real-Time Streaming Protocol).


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