CPR Full Form

What is the full form of CPR?

The full form of CPR is the Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation. In CPR, Cardio refers to heart, and Pulmonary refers to lungs related, Resuscitation means to revive. In emergency situations such as heart attack or heart arrest, CPR is often seen as a lifesaving method. Cardiac arrest can be caused by a heart condition, suffocation, drowning, electrical shock etc. The CPR process requires a combination of respiration from mouth to mouth and compression of the chest.

  • Rescue respiration offers oxygen to the individual’s lungs.
  • Compressions in the chest keep oxygen-rich blood flowing till the heart-beat and respiration can be restored.

Importance of CPR

  • Permanent death or brain injury will progress rapidly if blood circulation ceases. Hence it is essential to maintain blood circulation and respiration until medically trained assistance arrives and one can maintain blood flow by CPR method.
  • CPR can be executed by any skilled individual, involving external chest compressions and respiratory rescue.
  • CPR is done within the first six minutes of heart-beat stops, can hold a person alive before medical care begins.
  • CPR is carried out until the heart-beat returns to the normal rhythm, or the patient declared dead.

Safety Measure Of CPR

Few points to consider before performing CPR on the patient

  • Review the location, whether it is secure to carry out the CPR procedure.
  • Understand the patient is conscious or unaware.
  • Request for emergency medical care as soon as possible.

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