OTP Full Form

What is the Full form of OTP?

The full form of OTP is the One Time Password. OTP is a code of four or six digits that is often referred to as a one-time pin or dynamic password. It is a form of security password which is effective for the payment or single-use which is used for payment on the mobile phone, one computer, and so on.

OTP is an alphanumeric or numeric code sequence that is generated automatically and that verifies the user for a financial exchange or authentication session. An OTP, specifically a user-created password, is much safer than just a static password, that can then be poor and repeated through different accounts. OTPs may substitute or could be used in contrast to, authentication login details to include a level of safety.

  • OTP offers an additional layer of protection when using your credit or debit cards, online payment including smartphone recharge, shopping online, payment of bills, and so on.
  • During payment, OTP is sent to the register mobile number from the bank before the final move.
  • The number is designed to be used once only and could be within a specified period.
  • If users do not use the OTP within the time restrictions defined, it will be useless and users must press on the button Resend OTP.
  • Besides, OTP is generated randomly, so that it can be guessed it becomes useless once it has been used once, so it could not be used again.
  • It offers more protection than static passwords like different login sessions and payments such as login or payment passwords, that keep the same.
  • Even if someone has your bank account info, login ID, & password, as the OTP would come to your smartphone, he will not be able to use your account without which, and the thief could not complete the process.


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