UNIDO Full Form

What is the full form of UNIDO?

The full form of UNIDO is the United Nations Industrial Development Organization. It is a United Nations Specialised Organisation. It focuses on encouraging and accelerating sustainable industrial and economic growth in member nations. In 1966, UNIDO was founded, and it became the United Nations Specialised Organisation in 1985.

Its aim is to promote and accelerate ISID (Inclusive & sustainable industrial development) in the member countries, as defined in the Lima Statement. It assumes that, for the good of the coming generations, ISID is the main factor for sustainable growth. UNIDO’s headquarter is located in Vienna. It has a presence in over 60 countries.

Structure of UNIDO

  • UNIDO has three policy-making entities that are: the General Conference, the Industrial Development Board (IDB), and the Program and Budget Committee (PBC).
  • There are about 670 staff employed by UNIDO at the headquarters and other offices worldwide.
  • Its programmes concentrate primarily on developing nations, the agro-based sectors and small and medium-sized enterprises.

Objectives of UNIDO

  • The motto of UNIDO is “Progress by Innovation”. It supports innovation for sustainable industrial development.
  • It supports countries in digital and green transitions of their industries for their progress and achieving sustainable goals.
  • It aims to reduce hunger and food insecurity. This includes strengthening cooperation and sharing best practices and technologies to reduce losses after harvest.
  • It aims to control climate breakdown by promoting the use of renewable energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This includes promoting various practices, policies and technologies leading to low-carbon economies.


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