CS Full Form - Computer Science or Company Secretary

What is the full form of CS?

1) The full form of CS is Computer Science. The CS branch is concerned with analyzing computers, information technologies, and computing structures that include both computer hardware and computer software. In this field, the software is operated by a computer scientist.

The basic segments an individual studies in CS are computer networks, computer system and security systems, database system, programming languages, numerical analysis, software engineering, computer theory and artificial intelligence.

List of top Indian CS colleges

  1. IIT Bombay
  2. IIT Delhi
  3. IIT Kanpur
  4. IIT Madras
  5. IIT Roorkee
  6. BITS, Pilani (Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani)
  7. IIT Guwahati
  8. NIT, Tiruchirappalli
  9. Birla Institute of Technology, Patna

2) Another full form of CS is Company Secretary. CS ranks high in the organization of the public and private sector. It is one of the highly paid private-sector jobs and big public bodies. The designation’s experts are responsible for sensitive business services and report the success and difficulties encountered by the members of the board. The CS always ensures strong instigation of evaluations of members of the board.

Responsibilities of CS in organization

Indian Institute of Company Secretaries regulates the company secretary position in India. It was founded in 1980, under Parliament’s Act. The institute ensures the high standard of study module and management is given by its representatives. The college is also helping graduates get jobs in high-profile governments and private companies. Few responsibilities of CS are listed below.

  • In addition to his secretarial duties, CS is also accountable for overseeing accounts, finance department, administrative, legal and personnel operations.
  • The role starts right from the announcement when anticipating the idea of starting a company. Nonetheless, a CS definite role differs from company to company.
  • The duties of a large or medium-sized corporation involve amalgamation, public concerns including the valuation of shares & debentures, the handling of applicants for managerial roles, salaries, inter-corporate investments & loans. Also, the conduct of boards and group meetings and the conservation of chronicles, the filing of returns, the preparation of project funding, the working of internal legal counsel and member when required.

The process to become CS.

On completion of the CS course, individuals will become a CS. After passing 12th grade, or after graduation, students can pursue this course. Students who are interested in pursuing the CS course after 12th grade or equivalent degree must undertake three stages.

  • Foundation Programme
  • Executive Programme
  • Professional Programme

Students wishing to be CS upon graduation must follow two stages that are,

  • Executive Programme
  • Professional Programme.


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