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What is the Full form of XML?

The full form of XML is the extensible Markup Language. It is a markup language designed to store and transport information in a particular style which can be managed by a great deal of human and computer intelligence. A collection of guidelines for encoding documents in that specific format is specified. It is independent of channels and independent of languages.

In the late ‘90s, XML was published and became a W3C recommendation on Feb 10, 1998.

The object of the XML

The primary objectives of its design are

  • Usability
  • Simplicity
  • Generality

Features of XML

  • XML is a structured format in which we can determine how to organise the information within a file. We can arrange as we want, put any information in any place.
  • If you are familiar with HTML, the XML data format is a far more defined format, so you can perfectly recognize the XML, it will look like a standard text to you.
  • Suppose you have to follow a particular structure for your data, verification takes into account that you can describe exactly how the XML data file must be organised into another XML file.
  • To identify the data type to import it, the application may check the schema definition.

Benefits of XML

  • XML is simple to read & write. An ordinary human being can understand XML.
  • Backward and forward compatibility can be preserved so quickly.
  • The international standard has one standard, meaning that any language can easily collaborate with XML.
  • It is platform-independent, implying technical resistance shifts.
  • XML will be able to update incrementally.

Limitations of XML

  • It can be hard to implement the namespace support in an XML parser correctly.
  • While you are trying to structure a lot of details manually, XML becomes complicated.
  • To format the data compared to JSON, it required so many labels.
  • Additional effort required for XML node ralation.
  • XML promotes a non-relational database.

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