UF Full Form

What is the full form of UF?

The full form of UF is Ultrafiltration. UF is a form of a membrane filtration that is used in the UF water purifiers. Across a semipermeable membrane threaded with hollow fibre, the water is allowed to continue with this method. The huge extracted solutes & particles are maintained, and water moves via the membrane.

Application area of UF

In drinking water preparation or water treatment, UF is highly suitable as a pretreatment. It has extraordinary properties for removing the bacteria & suspended particles. Furthermore, UF is carried out in several industries that are as described below.

  • Chemicals sector
  • Food sector
  • Dairy industry
  • Metal industry in the use of oil/water emulsion separation technique
  • Pharmaceutical sector
  • Textile sector

Benefits of Ultrafiltration

  • Usage energy in UF is lower than nano-filtration, or reverse osmosis.
  • There are a few Manual Activities requirements.
  • It is comparatively inexpensive and not much costly to maintain.
  • Alternate high-quality infuse output, based on the water source and the membrane.
  • UF allows for the discarding of viruses, phage, colloids and macromolecules to a certain extent. Disinfection happens by killing the bacteria.
  • The UF Water Purifiers do not need any energy to function, and the UF Water Filters can continue to perform under regular water pressure from the pipes.

Limitations of Ultrafiltration

  • UF discards bacteria and suspended matter.
  • UF is susceptible to high concentrations of oxidizing chemicals such as nitric acid, sulphuric acid, peroxide and persulphate.
  • By attempting to stop sharp and hard particles larger than 0.1 mm, damage may occur.
  • In ultrafiltration, if pressure is higher than 3 bar membrane damage occurs.


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