OCR Full Form

What is the Full form of OCR?

The full form of OCR is Optical character recognition. It is also recognized as a text recognition or OCR (optical character reader). It is needed to convert editable, readable, & searchable data from scanned paper records or photographs of documents taken by a digital camera.

  • It is possible to view the scanned page of a physical document on the screen and to interpret it, however for the machine, and it is only a set of black & white dots that it can not identify.
  • OCR was created to allow the machine to interpret a scanned document and create a soft copy.
  • OCR analyses the content of a scanned document and converts the characters into language that allows the text readable by the computer so it can be translated into a digital or soft copy format much like a document created by a word processor which can be modified, formatted, searched and interpreted by users.
  • Thus, by using the optical properties of words and phrases displayed on a scanned page or paper, the device helps identify comments and characters on a scanned document or digital representations of actual handwritten or printed handwritten records.

How does OCR operate

  • The scanner scans the physical sort of paper.
  • The programme analyses its layout after the text is scanned and transforms it into a coloured or black and white copy.
  • For light and dark region, the scanned file is analyzed.
  • The dark locations are classified as characters and the background is defined as the light region.

In the techniques, OCR software may differ, but usually examine one character, word or group of characters at a period and then classify characters using one of two algorithms below.

Pattern recognition

OCR software is created by feeding text instances with various fonts and formats so that they recognize and adequately identify the structure or design of characters.

Feature Detection

The OCR programmes depend on the functionality of a character or a number in these techniques. The characteristics could include a character’s number of angled lines, crossed lines, or curves. For instance, at the centre, the letter ‘A’ can be preserved as two lines attached to a horizontal line and also connected at one end.


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