PNG Full Form

What is the full form of PNG?

The full form of PNG is Portable Network Graphics. PNG was developed as an open system to replace GIF because one corporation owned the patent for GIF and no one else chose to pay license fees. It also enables a full variety of colours and higher compression.

PNG is a format for the computer storage of bitmapped or raster images. It is often regarded as a successor of GIF images, utilizes the less compression method to save images such as GIF files but without concerns with copyright. It includes an indexed colour bitmap so that it is also named a bitmapped image.


PNG Format was established in early 1995. GIF includes only 256 colours and this GIF restriction contributes to the development of PNG and is the primary reason for its implementation.

Benefits and applications of PNG

  • PNG supports various colours and patterns
  • The PNG format has solid colours and sharp edges which makes it perfect for image editing.
  • PNG supports digital-image compression.
  • PNG helps in making comics, drawing, charts, logo creation, blueprints, graphs etc.
  • By using PNG, scanning text such as letters, journals, etc. can be done.

Advantages of PNG

  • PNG creates images with a low resolution that look great and load fast.
  • PNG format promotes transparency.

Disadvantages of PNG

PNG isn’t as perfect for photographs as JPEG since it produces a bigger file.


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