BIOS Full Form

What is the full form of BIOS?

The full form of BIOS is the Basic Input Output System. BIOS is software built in to a computer. As we switch on the computer, the program is operated. Typically this program is housed in Read-Only Memory (ROM), and is placed on the motherboard. In modern computers, the BIOS stores the contents using flash memory.

Without BIOS it is difficult for a computer to start because it is the BIOS which loads the hard disk drivers and key parts of the operating system such as GPT, FAT, MBR etc. into the storage to allow the operating system to begin loading itself. Its other names are system BIOS, PC BIOS and ROM BIOS.

History and Operation of BIOS

BIOS first came into view on the CP or M software in 1975. Gary Kildall created the term BIOS obtained from Basic Input and Output System. Functions of BIOS are

  • BIOS’ primary function is to start opening and checking all elements of hardware that are linked to the device.
  • It is often used when the key elements of the software are transferred.
  • BIOS often offers a means available for use that enables the software applications to be more straightforward and more usable.
  • It also connects the operating system to the Screen, keypad and other input or output devices.
  • BIOS managed the energy management process and began to open registers.
  • It checks and switches the drivers of the computer, and interferes with RAM handlers.

Suppliers of BIOS

List of the most common BIOS suppliers are,

  • IBM
  • Dell
  • American Megatrends (AMI)
  • Phoenix Technologies
  • Gateway
  • Insyde Software

Benefits of BIOS

  • Updating the BIOS will enhance overall performance & processing of computers.
  • The update handles compatibility problems.
  • For the user, it gives more command over his computer device.

Limitations of BIOS

  • BIOS often boots not in 32-bit or 64-bit safe mode but also in a 16-bit real way, and it isn’t always the fastest because of the type of chip used.
  • BIOS routines are typically unorganized, so OSs have their hardware schedules and drivers managed in the latest period.


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