CID Full Form

What is the full form of CID?

The full form of CID is the Crime Investigation Department. CID is an investigation subdivision branch crime of the Indian State Police. It is the unit of the police department and is led by the ADG(Additional Police Director General). CID headquarters is located in Pune, and the Govt handles specific cases handed over by the Indian government and DGP (Director General of Police). In 1902, the British government developed CID, in regard to the Polic Commission, to maintain law and order in society. The policemen of the department, who usually operate in regular clothes, include various grades depending on their position. Those cops are identified as the CID or Detectives.

In 1929, this Police Force was split into special units, Crime branch CID (CB-CID) divisions and CID. Crime branch CID is a special CID department that is headed by the ADGP (Additional Director General of Police) and guided by the IGP (Inspector-General of Police). This division analyzes all types of serious criminal offences and cases handed over by the High Court or government of the state.

Working of CID

CID’s most important responsibility is to investigate all kinds of unsolved criminal cases. It gathers evidence and facts for fraud cases and criminal cases, catch criminals and finally presents the suspect to the Court with evidence.

Eligibility Criteria of CID

  • The nominee should be an Indian resident.
  • A degree from a respected institution is the least credential required for an applicant to reach the CID as an officer or Sub Inspector.
  • 12th or Higher Secondary Certificate is the least requirement to enter CID as a constable.
  • A candidate is also required to complete the Indian Civil Services Exam.
  • Besides, the candidate must have a sharp eye, excellent memory, good character judgment, and the ability to manage in a group.

The grade of CID officers

  1. Sub- Inspectors
  2. Inspectors
  3. Superintendents
  4. Additional Director General of Police
  5. Inspector-General of Polices

Various CID Branches

  • CID and Crime Branch
  • Department of Human Rights
  • Bank Frauds
  • Missing Person cell and Anti-Human Trafficking
  • Anti-Narcotics Cell
  • Finger Print Bureau
  • Anti-Terrorism Wing
  • Dog Squad.


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