CNC Full Form

What is the full form of CNC?

The full form of CNC is Computerised Numerical Control. CNC is a control system that controls devices running on electronic digital computers. It regulates, optimises, and records a machine moving objects. It can be a router, grinder, laser cutter, welder, milling machine, etc. Compared with the old manual machines, CNC machines are entirely automatic but still require a user to operate them. CNC implies a computer transforms the design to computer Aided Design (CAD) software-generated numbers. The numbers may be a graph’s coordinates and monitor the cutter’s movement. In this manner, the material is cut, designed and shaped by a computer.

CNC is used to cut various hard materials, including wood, composites, aluminium, plastics, steel and foam.

CNC machine

  • Generally, CNC-directed devices come with different axes of motion, such as linear, rotary, or both.
  • Typically, two-dimensional machines, X and Y, are used to cut materials like lasers.
  • Milling machines are devices usually with at least three dimensions, X, Y, and Z.
  • A couple of milling machines allowing the cutter to proceed in a hemisphere of 180 degrees have five dimensions, two rotary axes and three linear axes.
  • The robotic system arm comprises more than five axes.

Benefits of a CNC machine

  • CNC machines increase efficiency and the completion of the product.
  • Based on the blueprint, it protects the company’s projections.
  • Despite this, there is no need for a worker, technician or mechanic to oversee it persistently, and the total efficiency and execution are enhanced because it is fully self-directive.
  • Compared with manual labour, the CNC machine eliminates the working and running charges.
  • Working on this is very easy, saves a lot of time and requires minimal guidance, supervision and management.
  • It can be modified by improvising the leading software which runs the device.
  • CNC machines can be used persistently 24 hours a day.


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