URL Full Form

What is the Full form of URL?

The full form of URL is Uniform Resource Locator. The link address on the internet is the URL. The URL was introduced in 1994 by Tim Berners-Lee as well as the Working Group on Internet Engineering. The URL is the address or string of a character that is used to browse Internet data. The URL is the form of a Uniform Resource Identifier(URI).

The information included in the URL

The URL includes the following details, which are given below

  • Name of the protocol: A colon accompanied by a double forward slash: (//)
  • Hostname (name of domain) or IP Address
  • A colon accompanied by the port number
  • The file’s path


ATM Full Form

In the above URL

  • Protocol - http
  • Domain - byjus.com
  • Resource path - /full form

A URL can be entered manually via typing it in the web browser's address bar. If the URL does not contain a valid domain, the browser may show a Server not found error and the browser may show a 404 error if the route in the URL is incorrect. A URL does not include spaces, and to reflect various files, it uses forward slashes. So, dashes & underscores are being used.


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