MLA Full Form - Member of Legislative Assembly

What is the full form of MLA?

The full form of MLA is Member of Legislative Assembly. MLA is a member appointed by the voters of a district to the legislature of the State Indian government and the voters nominate MLA. In India, there may be four to nine MLAs in each state for every MP (Member of Parliament) that it has in the Lok Sabha. MLA’s have different duties as per their roles. Some have more than one task, for example, being an MLA he can be a CM and cabinet minister also.

Essential Requirement for becoming an MLA

There are some basic criteria for being an MLA.

  • The nominee must be an Indian resident.
  • The nominee should be at least twenty-five years old.
  • The nominee must be a voter of any constituency.

Duties of MLA

  • An MLA serves the people’s complaints and ambitions and brings them to the state government.
  • He will use the many legislative instruments for the good of his local constituency people.
  • He would lift the concerns of his region in front of the state government.
  • He will allow the best use of LAD (Local area development) budget to improve his electorate.


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