GIS Full Form

What is the full form of GIS?

The full form of GIS is the Geographic Information System. It is a system designed to capture, evaluate, manipulate, handle, and view all forms of geographical & spatial information and data. It helps you to conduct spatial analysis and manage large data and view the data in maps or graphical form for presentation and analysis. Such advantages make GIS a useful tool for visualizing spatial data or building management information systems for an organization.

  • A GIS stores information on geographical characteristics and their features.
  • These characteristics are recognized as representations of points, lines, regions, or rasters. Road records can be processed as lines, for example, in the map of a city, and borders could be documented as zones, and aerial photos can be saved as raster data.
  • GIS stores data using spatial indices that enable the characteristics of any arbitrary area on a map to be defined.
  • For instance, within a specified radius of a point, or all the roads or routes which pass via a territory, a GIS can easily identify and quantify all of the areas.
  • Some information, combined with tabular data, may be spatial.
  • For instance, spatial data is the actual location of the hospitals in a geographical area. The attribute data is additional information such as hospital name, quality of care, and bed size.
  • GIS is a fusion of these different types of information that, through spatial analysis, allows it to be a powerful problem-solving resource.

Additional data related to GIS features

GIS not only indicates the position of features, it also offers extra feature-related information, including:

  • Relation of a feature with other features
  • Where the least most or least of a function exists
  • The density of characteristics in a particular space
  • What takes place within the AOI (area of interest)
  • Any elements about what’s happening to surround
  • How a region has shifted over the years.


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