CVC Full Form

What is the Full form of CVC?

The full form of CVC is Central Vigilance Commission. CVC is an Indian governmental apex established in 1964 to counter corruption in government. Parliament passed a law in 2003 that confers legislative status on the CVC. It has the reputation of an autonomous entity, independent of the influence of any executive authority. It is concerned with overseeing all vigilance activities across India’s Central Government, guiding various authorities in central government agencies on the preparation, execution, analysis and improvement of their vigilance task.

On 11 February 1964, on the suggestions of the Committee on Prevention of Corruption, led by the Shri K. Santhanam Committee, it was formed by the Indian Government Resolution to guide and direct Central Government organizations in the area of vigilance. Nittoor Srinivasa Rau has been appointed as India’s first Chief Vigilance Commissioner.

Structure of CVC

The Commission typically comprise

  • Chairperson – A Commissioner for Local Vigilance
  • Members – Two or less than two members of Vigilance Commissioners.

Primary duties of CVC

  • To examine the DSPE (Delhi Special Police Establishment) inquiries relating to offences performed underneath the PC Act.
  • The investigation about any payment in which a public servant of an organization is involved in a corrupt manner.
  • To investigate complaints obtained under the informer’s disclosure of public concern and security, and to recommend corrective action.


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