NACO Full Form

What Is the Full Form of NACO?

The full form of NACO is the National Aids Control Organization. It is a government organization of India, set up to monitor the epidemic in India under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Also, it aims to improve HIV+ individuals’ healthcare coverage and to safeguard and uphold their human rights. It views an India in which every HIV+ individual has access to healthcare services and dignified care.

  • Since its establishment, it has been working tirelessly to raise awareness of HIV or AIDS as well as provide reliable AIDS knowledge so that theories and assumptions can be addressed.
  • It also offers practical knowledge to decrease the risk of HIV transmission concerning behaviour changes.
  • To guarantee that people with HIV will have access to reliable health care, NACO establishes strong relationships with NGOs, women’s self-help organizations, and other support networks and groups of people.
  • It also teaches and encourages males and females to use protection and additional contraception for safe conduct.
  • We can therefore say that it promotes AIDS awareness, inspires and enables citizens with the knowledge to encourage everyone to defend themselves against HIV.


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