OTG Full Form

What is the full form of OTG?

The full form of OTG is On-The-Go . OTG is a USB (Universal Serial Bus) standard that allows USB devices to be connected. Without using a computer connection, USB OTG items can connect.

You can connect your mobile phone or tablet to various gadgets using a USB OTG link. On the one hand, this link has the connector to your phone, and on the other side, a USB-A port. If you use an ordinary USB link to bridge the telephone to a computer, your phone will be the capacity device and your computer will be the main gadget. By attaching an OTG link, the central device will be your mobile phone.

OTG rules

USB OTG describes two device roles

  • OTG A-device and OTG B-device, showing which side provides the connection power and which one is the first host.
  • The OTG A-device is a power supplier, and the power consumption is an OTG B-device.
  • In the default link setup, the A-device acts as a USB host, with the B-device serving as a USB peripheral.
  • Later, the host and peripheral modes can be swapped using either HNP or RSP. As each OTG controller serves both roles, they are also referred to as Dual-Role controllers instead of OTG controllers.

Use Of OTG

  • You can attach your phone or tablet to a USB drive, mouse, console, hard plate, webcam or any other cell phone via a USB OTG link.
  • OTG link is useful when writing a report with a console on your computer, or when switching applications from one cell phone to another is off chance.
  • Furthermore, there are OTG centre points where you can connect through devices with your phone. For example, you’ll use your tablet with a mouse and console.


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