POC Full Form

What is the full form of POC?

The full form of the POC is Proof of Concept. POC is an example to demonstrate that theories or concepts hold the ability for real-world implementation. In short, a POC is proof that a product or project is realistic and sufficiently worthwhile to explain the expenditure needed to help and establish it.

POC is, therefore, a test aimed to assess feasibility but does not represent performance. Project leaders use POCs to recognize process gaps which might hinder the product from succeeding. POC is also defined as proof of principle.

Advantages of POC

  • It enables you to find various technical as well as other issues in the future. It allows users to have ideas and suggestions at the initial phase of the development process to minimize unwanted effects.
  • Users can get a guarantee that it’s worth making an effort to implement your idea, schedule or strategic thinking.
  • Users could save their income by not spending it on a concept or idea that is not feasible.


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