TRP Full Form

What is the full form of TRP?

The full form of TRP is Television Rating Point. TRP is a device that signifies a show success on tv screens. It’s being used to evaluate which program has been most viewed on tv screens. TRP provides a measure of people’s interest and indicates a specific program’s success. A program with a greater TRP reflects a large number of users viewing the program. The data is essential to advertisers as their ads are put with greater TRPs during the show. TRP can be determined by using a tool known as a people meter that is connected to the TV set for judging purposes in a few thousand viewers’ homes. Such figures are viewed as surveys of TV owners in different demographic and geographic fields.

Various Method To Determine TRP

There are two techniques to measure the TRP value.

  • Picture Matching Method

Through this system, people meter monitors the tiny portion of the picture that is viewed on a specific TV set continuously after that information is collected from the survey residences and used for national rating calculation.

  • Frequency Monitoring Technique

In this method, a people meter calculates the time and program an audience watches on a given day. The average is obtained over 30 days, that provides the audience with numbers status for a specific channel.

Pitcher matching approach is more accurate than the method of measuring frequencies.

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