DIG Full Form

What is the full form of DIG?

The full form of DIG is Deputy Inspector General of Police. DIG is a one-star rated police officer in the Indian Police Force. After being promoted from the SSP rank, a police officer could become DIG. The DIG helps the IGP (Inspector-General of Police) in overseeing and supervising the various police stations.

Functions of DIG

  • DIG is effective and has multiple powers in keeping the police discipline in its region. DIG has to present reports to the IGP.
  • Duty of DIG to work in cooperation with the District Magistrate to handle certain incidents.

Procedure to become DIG

  • The candidate must appear in the Civil Service Examination conducted by UPSC.
  • Candidates will be appointed as IPS officer after qualifying the exam and will go through relevant training as an IPS officer.
  • After the completion of the IPS officer training, the candidate is appointed as an ACP (Assistant Commissioner of Police) or ASP (Assistant Superintendent of Police).
  • Finally, applicants are promoted to the position of SP (Superintendent of Police) and then to the role of SSP (Senior Police Superintendent) and then to the post of DIG (Deputy Inspector General of Police) based on experience, a record of achievement and performance.

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