FIR Full Form

What is the full form of FIR?

The full form of FIR is the First Information Report. FIR is a document containing the essential details committed by a criminal offence. It should be observed that FIR is not conclusive evidence of a crime committed by an individual. FIR is the starting point for an investigative process for a specific crime.

The content present on the FIR page is listed below.

  • FIR file name
  • Name of the victim or name of the person making the complaint.
  • Offence description
  • Time and place of crime
  • Witness statements (If any)
  • If the offender is identified, then the person’s name and description.

Why is FIR Necessary?

FIR assists in the criminal justice process. The cops can commence the investigation only after registration of the FIR. After registration, the content of the FIR can not be altered except by a supreme court or high court decision.

Procedure To File FIR

The process to file an FIR is Stated in Section 154 of the Act Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973.

  • When details about a cognisable commission offence are provided orally, they must be written down by police.
  • As a person who gives information or makes a complaint, it is your right to claim that the details of the cop record are read to you.
  • When police record the data, the person who provides the information must sign it.
  • You should sign the report after you have verified that the police record is as per the information you provided.
  • People who cannot read or write must place their left thumb impression on the paper until they are sure it is a good record.
  • If the police are not giving a copy of the FIR, always demand a copy. It is your right to receive it at no cost.


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