GPA Full Form

What is the Full form of GPA?

The full form of GPA is Grade Point Average. GPA corresponds to an education grading system used to measure student’s academic performance in college and school. It is a numerical score that provides a clear summary of the main aspects of the academic achievement or reflection of the student in an academic year.

GPA measurement at various types of educational institutions varies across different scales. For certain schools, the measure appears on a range of 1-5 and, in other schools, on a scale of 1-10. The total GPA number is the average of all complete final grades received in a subject, course, or academic results over time.

Importance of GPA

  • Many organisations have used GPA for the accuracy of being eligible and appropriate for the career of a candidate.
  • In the interview, these organisations often find separating the GPA in academics from results for selection processes.
  • GPA can not calculate a candidate’s success. It can be used to determine the evaluation & performance of the applicant.
  • Recent analyses and research on GPA found no correlation between the performance of an employee and their GPA.

Benefits of GPA

  • The education grading method has reduced the learner’s ranking burden, allowing them to learn without stress.
  • The category of education grading is based on an advanced classification system.
  • The education rankings system helps the learners identify their strengths and weaknesses.
  • The grading standard for education has made studies simpler and more evident in many aspects.

Limitations of GPA

  • Because of the rating system in education, children are expected to perform less.
  • The education grading standard demotivates learners who perform higher compared to those who serve less as they come in percentage classification on an equal level.
  • There is a rise in ignorance due to lethargy in students as the grading standard in education has divided the marks of various tasks, including assignments, presentations and final exams.
  • The education rating standard is poor in giving students accurate outcomes.


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