PS Full Form

What is the full form of PS?

The full form of PS is Postscript. PS is a further thought that was incorporated into a document or letter after writing and signing the document or letter, probably at the end.

A postscript can be a paragraph, sentence or sometimes many paragraphs are added, often incidental and hastily after signing a letter or the main body of a book or essay.

The term postscript derives from the Latin term “post scriptum,” implying “written after”

Postscript is a method of adding something when the writer has forgotten to include it in the body of the letter. It may also be used to connect a statement to a written text. For an author who wishes to elaborate on something in a letter without interference with the message flow.

Way of adding PS

  • PS should be incorporated at the end of the letter after the signature line.
  • A skipped line can be added as PS after the signature line.

Places we use Postscript

  1. Websites
  2. Letters
  3. Emails
  4. Articles
  5. Blogs
  6. Essay or Books


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