AAI Full Form

What is the Full form of AAI?

The full form of AAI is the Airport Authority of India. It functions under the Ministry of Civil Aviation. AAI is responsible for designing, planning, maintaining and upgrading the civil aviation network in India. The AAI, comprising 137 airports, 10 customs airports, 24 international airports, 103 domestic airports and 23 civilian enclaves at military aircraft, has an array of duties.

  • For the Indian Air Force, Indian Coast Guard, Indian Navy other private airfields in the nation, AAI operates and is accountable for flight calibration of navigation equipment.
  • The first phase of the technology demonstration framework was completed in February 2008.
  • The government of India founded the IAAI (International Airports Authority of India) in 1972.
  • The Airport Authority of India was established in April 1995, when an Act of Parliament merged the IAAI with the NAA (National Airports Authority).

Training centres of AAI

The following are five training institutions consisting of three ATS training organisations, which are also formed by AAI.

  1. CATC (Civil Aviation Training College), Uttar Pradesh, Allahabad
  2. NIAMAR (National Institute of Aviation Management and Research), Delhi
  3. NIATAM (National Institute of Aviation Training and Management), Maharashtra, Gondia.
  4. FTC (Fire Training Center), Kolkata & Delhi.
  5. HTC (Hyderabad Training Centre), Hyderabad.


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