GMT Full Form

What is the full form of GMT?

The full form of GMT is Greenwich Mean Time. GMT is the Mean Solar Time at Greenwich London’s Royal Observatory. It is measured at the Earth’s meridian that is a longitude line of zero degrees. These lines run from the north to south Pole, i.e. going through London’s Old Royal Observatory, Greenwich.

A brief history of GMT

  • The British Parliament did not formally adopt GMT until 2 August 1880.
  • The USA ratified it on 18th November 1883.
  • In the 1884 International Meridian Conference, GMT was incorporated internationally, and 24 time zones were created.
  • GMT is used today as the civil time or UTC of the United Kingdom.

Few points remember about GMT.

  • GMT considered a worldwide standard of time. It is Established in 1884, used as a standard for all time zones and as a reference for global timeline.
  • Since it is evaluated from the Greenwich Meridian Line, Greenwich Mean Time is sometimes referred to as Greenwich Meridian Time too.
  • It is focused on earth’s rotation which would be irregular, but it observes a fictitious mean and takes into account a uniform velocity around the equator.
  • GMT is world time and the cornerstone of world time. It is an actual reference in time and, thus, does not switch with the weather.


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