SLA Full Form

What is the Full form of SLA?

The full form of SLA is the Service-Level Agreement. An SLA is a commitment between a service provider and a customer to the service standard. It is a document that provides the service customer with the performance and quality of service that a service provider promises to provide. It encompasses a range of product and service efficiency fields, such as warranties, assurances, customer care, performance assessment requirements, and so on.

  • In a legal contract between such a customer and service provider, it is considered a central component as it also specifies the remedial steps and penalties if the service provider does not meet the obligation to provide the service as referred in the SLA.
  • The agreement is provided in a primary language so that a consumer or a client can easily interpret it.
  • May include any technical terminology for describing service quality and efficiency.
  • The most common aspect of an SLA is that, as defined in the contract, should offer the standard and efficiency of the service to the customer.
  • For example, under the terms & conditions of their contracts with customers, telephone companies & internet providers would usually provide SLAs to describe and communicate the level of service being offered in clear terms.


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