HTTP Full Form

What is the full form of HTTP?

The full form of HTTP is the Hypertext Transfer Protocol. HTTP is an application protocol that usually contains a list of guidelines for transferring distributed data file systems and multimedia communication on the World Wide Web ( WWW). It is the basic structure for the World Wide Web, which consists of data communication.

HTTP enhances web browser communication by using a quality level that allows people to access information over the internet. Most websites make use of HTTP to access any link or file. Within the client-server computing model, HTTP is a request-response protocol. It is built within the base of Internet Protocol Suite as an application layer protocol.


What Is Hypertext? How Does It Work?

A hypertext is a text within which includes a connection link. On a website page, if a reader clicks on a word and if it reroutes to a new website page, then it indicates that a user has clicked on a hypertext connection.

When a user tries to access a particular page or file and enters a URL in his Internet browser, the browser then generates an HTTP server and sends it to the URL-specified Internet Protocol Address known as IP Address. The protocol collects data from the server and returns the desired web browser to the customer. A user needs to put HTTP in front of their page address.

Advantages Of HTTP

  • HTTP accelerates the transmission of data over a browser database.
  • Mapping internet protocol addresses to classify names easily in a more straightforward way has made the World Wide Web financially feasible.

Disadvantages Of HTTP

  • HTTP is comparatively slow to most other native protocols.
  • A user can be threatened by individual privacy because the user does not encrypt the data sent via HTTP.

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