UML Full Form

What is the Full form of UML?

The full form of UML is the Unified Modeling Language. It is a visual modelling language in the sector of computer science. It is an excellent means of visualizing a system’s blueprint. It is used in software-based systems, business modelling, and associated operations for analysis, design & execution.

A brief history of UML

  • The Object Management Group (OMG) created UML as a standard in 1997.
  • It was developed and issued by the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) in 2005 as an authorized ISO standard.
  • Ivar Jacobson, Grady Booch & Jim Rumbaugh developed the principal model of UML. In June 2015, it released its new UML 2.5 version.
  • It is updated periodically from the specific moment to cover the latest UML modification.

The main object of UML

  • To allow a method for evaluating, designing and implementing software-based equipment and associated processes accessible for use by system architects & software engineers.
  • Going forward by object visual modelling means the interoperability, the status of the industry.

How UML differs from other programming languages?

  • In comparison to many other programming languages, UML is different, including COBOL, C++, Java, and so on.
  • It is a descriptive language used to create software designs. Company analysts, software architects, and developers usually use it to define, indicate, and document the obtainable or existing business operations and the configuration & activities of objects of software systems.
  • In fact, UML can be beneficial for various fields of application like the internet, banking, aerospace, healthcare and so on.
  • It could also be used for various execution platforms, including NET and application development techniques.

Benefits of UML

  • A UML diagram visually represents the relationships between groups and entities in a software program.
  • There is a readable UML diagram that makes it very useful.
  • UML is the contemporary programming standard in object-oriented programming languages.
  • UML aims to plan a curriculum even before programming occurs.

Limitations of UML

  • Using UML to handle and retain UML diagrams is time-consuming.
  • Software developers deal with code, not images or diagrams, which does not necessarily make UML useful to them.
  • Inspecting a software set in a UML diagram can lead to over-examining challenges for software project stakeholders.
  • It causes people to insist on spending a lot of time and energy on software requirements.


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