PWD Full Form

What is the Full form of PWD?

The full form of PWD is the Public Works Department. PWD is an Indian government agency responsible for building and maintaining public services, such as public government construction, highways, bridges, public transportation, drinking water sources, etc. The Department of Public Works is the centralised entity that looks after all sorts of public service activities in India.

Each state has a different PWD, with Divisions, Sub-Divisions and Units distributed geographically. As for Rajasthan, Punjab, Mizoram, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh and many more, there seems to be a separate PWD. The departments have the same obligations in all Countries.

Responsibilities of PWD

  • The PWD is also responsible for providing clean drinking water for the town and fixing the broken water pipeline.
  • Besides, if any damage happens to government schools, highways, and hospitals, PWD will do the reconstruction.
  • It has nearly the same function and responsibilities in all states, such as designing and building all government-led public projects, building & developing highways, security, road and & highway services, maintaining and upgrading government buildings, and so on.
  • Some of this research was formerly carried out in India by the military. The responsibility for public works was eventually moved to a particular section of the Indian Civil Service in the middle of the nineteenth century.

PWD’s Work can be classified into four categories

  • System of Drinking Water
  • Government building construction and Maintenance
  • Bridge Maintenance and Construction
  • Construction, growth, highways, road safety and flyover.


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