ICT Full Form

What is the Full form of ICT?

The full form of ICT is Information and Communications Technology. ICT refers to technical tools & services that used operate network-based monitoring & control device, telecommunications, smart building management systems, audiovisual processing & transmission systems, broadcast media, etc.

ICT can not be described in a specific way because ICT approaches and implementations change every day. It involves any product which retains, stores, and handles digital information such as mobile phones, computers and so on.

Various component of ICT

The word ICT is widely accepted as representing all technologies that enable individuals, association to connect in the digital world together.

  • Communication technology
  • Cloud computing
  • Software
  • Hardware
  • Internet access
  • Data
  • Transaction

The Importance of ICT

  • ICT has become a fundamental requirement for modern society.
  • Business organizations utilize ICT in multiple ways to improve profitability, get clients, enhance their efficiency, and so on.
  • ICT systems are introducing other smart or intelligent functionality to current technologies.
  • The ICT sector has both a direct and indirect effect on economic development.
  • The modern communications network can also be used to improve enterprise advertising and development.
  • Many of the products and services rely knowingly or unknowingly on ICT.


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