RPM Full Form

What is the Full form of RPM?

The full form of RPM is Revolutions Per Minute. It is a calculation of the rotation frequency, the number of revolutions or turns an object takes per minute. It put in the image how many times in one minute an involuntary component spins around its axis. RPM is thus the rotational frequency or rotational speed of an involuntary entity around a fixed axis, like an engine crankshaft, a turbine power generator, a DVD or CD player, and a turbocharger.

RPM Examples

  • The rotational speed of modern dental drills of the air turbine is up to 13.3 kHz or 800,000 RPM.
  • A second-hand conventional analogue clock’s rotating speed is 1 RPM.
  • DVD players usually read discs at an invariable linear rate, too.
  • The rotation frequency of the disc ranges from 1530 RPM at the innermost periphery when examined, to 630 RPM at the outer periphery.
  • For the period of the spinning cycles, the rotational speed of the drum of a washing machine can differ from 500 – 2,000 RPM.


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