PDA Full Form

What is the Full form of PDA?

The full form of PDA is a Personal Digital Assistant. PDA is a handheld computer without a keyboard but with a screen to use a pen-like stylus to type or draw the text. They can write notes, read charts, link, upload & access to the internet. The other name is of PDA is palmtop or pocket computer.

Many PDAs started as pen-based, to use a stylus instead of a keyboard for input purpose. It means they’ve even added identification apps for handwriting. Many PDAs also use voice recognition technology to respond to voice inputs. PDAs are either included in stylus or keyboard form.

Important characteristics of PDA

  • It could have either one two keys to generate the shortcuts required by the application. Otherwise, the user will touch or use the pen-like stylus to write a text.
  • Older PDAs did not use a memory port, but now certain PDAs can also have a port for memory cards and a port for the USB drive.
  • Previously PDAs had been able to link to PC via serial ports and other gadgets. Now they’re using the USB cable that connects them.
  • PDAs include Bluetooth and Wi-Fi that are wireless.
  • Many PDAs could have GPS constructed-in, but some may include external GPS links.
  • Rugged PDAs provide several additional features like radio frequency readers, barcode readers, smart card & magnetic stripe card readers.


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