PCB Full Form

What is the Full form of PCB?

The full form of PCB is Printed Circuit Board. PCBs are an electrical circuit constructed by a non-conductive material in the way of a thin board which entirely holds copper circuits such as plastics, fibreglass, fibreglass, composite epoxy, and so on. To connect various components, such as a transistor, resistors, IC (integrated circuits), and so on, it has conductive paths written on it. It offers mechanical support & a route for the current flow to its electronic parts.

PCBs have been used in all electronic & computing gadgets, like network cards, motherboards, graphics cards & internal hard drive circuit boards, including TV, digital cameras, laptops, mobile phones, and so on.

A brief history of PCB

  • In 1936, Paul Eisler, an Austrian engineer, invented the printed circuit that was part of a radio set while he worked in the United Kingdom.
  • They were later used by the United States in the 2nd World War to build proximity fuzes. The USA published the invention for commercial purposes after the 2nd World War.
  • Year on year, they are updated and today they are found in several electronic pieces of equipment.

Features of PCB

  • Its hall wall technology reinforces its potential
  • Its surface mounted technology reduces the components and assembles them on both sides of the board.
  • Its foundation or base are made of tough quality
  • They consist of several layers and have their features for each layer.

Benefits of PCB

The advantages of the Printed Circuit Board are listed below.

  • Avoids short circuits and tight connexions
  • Low Noise in Electronics.
  • Less expense.
  • Reworkable.
  • Simple repairs & diagnostics
  • Increased span of life.
  • The complexity of high circuits and Reliability.

Limitations of PCB

The disadvantages of Printed Circuit Board are listed below.

  • For Fine Pitch, not great
  • Thermal Shock Strike
  • Few PCB surfaces are costly.

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