IMEI Full Form

What is the full form of IMEI?

The full form of IMEI is the International Mobile Equipment Identity. The IMEI number is a special series of 15 to17 digits used for identification on Global Mobile Communications System (GSM) phones. Any telecommunications firm’s SIM card is connected to the customer and can be transferred from one phone to other, so it is a necessary method for keeping aware of the hardware itself. IMEI is a code or a number used over such a mobile network which identifies a particular cell phone. It is typically printed on the back end of the mobile battery.

  • By dialling * # 06 #, anybody can search the IMEI mobile number.
  • The IMEI code indicates details about model name, system serial number, and source.
  • For instance, if the IMEI number is XX-YYYYYYY-ZZZZZZ-A / BB, therefore the XX number shows the identity of the reporting body, that is part of the TAC, and indicates the model & brand of the cell phone.
  • Also, the number YYYYYYY is part of the Type Allocation Code (TAC), the number ZZZZZZ is the sequence number, and the rest is the version number of the software.
  • If a smartphone is misplaced, the IMEI code is used. So, if the phone of a user is stolen or lost, he may provide a mobile network company with the IMEI number and request them to disable the device.

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